February 28, 29 & March 1, 2024

San Juan, Puerto Rico

north americaN school of internet governance

CONFRONTING Truth, Trust, and Hope

A three days summit of lectures and discussion: Confronting Truth, trust & Hope in Internet governance

The 2024 North American School on Internet Governance (NASIG 2024) offers an invaluable opportunity to explore critical Internet governance issues under the guidance of renowned experts. Internet governance refers to the shared principles, decision-making processes, and organizations that shape the evolution and use of the Internet. NASIG also seeks to empower the next generation of Internet leaders.

This year, NASIG 2024 will be held in person on February 28 - March 1, 2024, in partnership with EDP University in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Founded in 1949, EDP University is a small private school of around 3,000 students focused on personalized education and career preparation. Through its active learning philosophy and community initiatives, EDP offers hands-on learning opportunities to supplement its 60+ academic programs in business, education, nursing, technology, and liberal arts.

NASIG 2024 provides a unique opportunity to learn from world-renowned Internet and Internet governance experts, with all proceedings presented in English. For directions to the venue, please see the venue section.

This year's theme is "Confronting Truth, Trust, and Hope in Internet Governance". These issues are more critical than ever, given the rise of digital misinformation, invasive privacy infringements, and ethically dubious data handling practices. Over three days, attendees will explore concerns ranging from the original purpose of the Internet, transparent algorithmic processes, fostering corporate accountability in content moderation, and worries from different community members. Discussions will also focus on online disinformation and extremism. Other topics include data ethics, expanding internet accessibility, and cross-sector collaboration.

Beyond problem-solving, NASIG 2024 also aims to highlight groundbreaking initiatives for digital inclusion, literacy, and human rights online. These pillars reignite hope and optimism amid the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The overarching goal is to envision a more equitable and user-centric online world. NASIG 2024 represents a pivotal moment in this pursuit.

Attendance at NASIG 2024 is free of charge.

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