Winny Chepkorir Koech


Winny Chepkorir Koech NASIg Student image

I am a Texas A&M University School of Law student pursuing a Master of Laws in Cybersecurity Law & Policy. I have a strong interest and expertise in cybersecurity and data privacy's legal and ethical aspects. Additionally, I have obtained multiple certifications in contract management, mediation, and privacy law, demonstrating my commitment to continuous learning and professional development. With over six years of progressive experience in legal contract administration, coordination, and management, I have worked with diverse clients and stakeholders in various sectors and industries. In my most recent role as the Compliance Director at a non-profit organization, I oversee regulatory compliance, ensure adherence to legal standards and internal policies, and develop strategies to manage risk and uphold ethical practices. 


I bring a unique blend of legal expertise, contract management, and cybersecurity knowledge to my work, positioning myself as an asset in addressing the complex legal challenges of today's digital landscape and ensuring ethical and compliant practices within the non-profit sector.