Naela Sarras


Naela Sarras NASIG Faculty image

Naela Sarras is the Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement in North America. In this role, she facilitates collaboration between stakeholders in the region, including ICANN-accredited registries and registrars, established civil society organizations, and members of the technical community who participate in Internet standards organizations and develop Internet policy. She works closely with other ICANNorganization teams to build and diversify ICANN’s multistakeholder base across North America.

Previously, Naela was the Director of IANA Operations, overseeing many of the most important technical functions that ICANN facilitates. A highly respected member of ICANN’s technical community, Naela has been with ICANN since 2005 and involved in many of ICANN’s technical milestones, such as the IANA Stewardship Transition. She has been a key partner in the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) program, which is helping build a multilingual Internet for the next generation of Internet users across the globe.

Fluent in English and Arabic, Naela has a degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. She is based in Los Angeles.