Mildred Weiss


Mildred Weiss NASIG 2024 Staff image

Mildred was born in Uruguay, raised in Argentina, and emigrated to Canada. She obtained a university degree in Nutritional Science from Universidad de Buenos Aires and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Curriculum, and Instruction in the Philippines. After serving in different roles worldwide, from University Professor to Library technician or Data Coordinator, she is now a freelance project manager for IT. 

Mildred got involved in Policy development during ICANN66 in Montreal and would love to bring her passion to this new world. Mildred is always eager to learn new and exciting things and visit new places. Her passion is to make technology accessible and the use of technology as easy as possible. She loves to teach, so training is second nature to her. She encourages others to share, pass on their knowledge, and see everybody improve. 

She lives now in Maryland with her husband and adult children.