Mark Datysgeld


Image of Mark Datysgeld NASIG 2024 Faculty

Mark Datysgeld has a BA and master’s in international relations focused on Internet Governance. He further specialized in health technology and using diverse language writing systems online. Mark is a member of the ICANN GNSO Council. Under the Governance Primer brand, he develops research and helps create strategies for transnational engagement with technology-related questions. He is also a lecturer and course developer, having organized and spoken in dozens of workshops and classes in different languages. 


Mark has several years of professional experience and still acts whenever the coding and multimedia development opportunity arises.




There is no unified framework or accepted set of recommendations concerning selling health-related products online, which negatively affects the most vulnerable populations. We propose the DNS as a potential avenue for solutions and that signals based on accepted international pharmaceutical standards can be transcribed to the online world to separate legitimate actors from rogues.