Lucien Taylor


Image of Lucien Taylor NASIG 2024 Faculty

Lucien is the founder of Oxford Information Labs, a Cyber Intelligence Consultancy, and the DNS Research Federation - a UK Not-for-Profit organization aiming to advance the understanding of the Domain Name System's impact on cybersecurity, policy, and technical standards. 


Together with Oxford Information Labs’ core technical team, Lucien has co-designed several innovative DNS specialist and security systems, providing services for big tech, NGOs, government, educational, and financial organizations.  


These systems include:


·      DAP.LIVE - DNS Research Federation’s DNS Analytics Platform

·      CYBERCRIME.EXCHANGE - A new global data-sharing platform in collaboration with GASA (Global Anti-Scam Alliance)

·      Nominet Dispute Resolution - a legal system rationalizing the workflow of hundreds of cases at any time.

·      Netistrar - Domain Registration Platform

·      Speak2Me - Text-to-speech prototype for the BBC

·      Kinikit - Open-source data binding and templating tools


He regularly presents at internet technology, security, and governance events and has taught compact seminars at several universities.


Lucien had a successful career as an actor for 10 years and later qualified as a Computer Engineer, gaining a First Class Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and a Master’s in Business Administration.