Judith Hellerstein


Image of Judith Hellerstein NASIG 2024 Faculty

Judith Hellerstein is the Founder and CEO of Hellerstein & Associates, www.jhellerstein.com, a research consultancy specializing in opening up telecom and technology opportunities worldwide.  Judith has also been a long-time active member of NARALO and has held numerous leadership roles within NARALO and At Large. She has a Masters in Public Policy (MPP/MPA) with a concentration on International Management. Judith has over thirty years of experience in developing policies, regulations, building regulatory capacity, strategy development, broadband build-out, digital government assessment/strategies, regulatory reform, competition law, and Internet Governance issues, having worked on several high-profile projects while she was at the International Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission, MCI Communications, and Former Vice President Gore’s Reinventing Government office before founding her firm. 


Judith is a passionate advocate for helping to bring connectivity and empower communities and has been working on connectivity, digital economy policies, and infrastructure issues. She has advised regulators, governments, international organizations, and commercial and non-profit clients worldwide on adopting the digital economy and digital development laws and policies, competition policy, cyber policies, and the development of the ICT sector, including market and regulatory reforms. She has also helped develop a whole litany of policies and legislation needed for digital development/digital economy/digital transformation issues.