Glenn McKnight

 Academic Co-Director

Glenn McKnight NASIG Staff image

Glenn McKnight is well rounded individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience beyond the typical academic or corporate background

His career has been a combination of work and volunteerism activities which included the launch of the BAYGEN FREEPLAY radio in North American, creation and distribution of the Inkmedia netbook and extensive work promoting Linux certification and Free and Open Source Software. As a director of the Linux Professional Institute it took be to 42 countries and a major campaign at the 2003 WSIS event to promote government adoption of Linux. 

He graduated with a  Masters in Social Anthropology in 1980 from York University  in Toronto  with an Hons BA in Social Anthropology and minor in Economics,


He has been member of ISOC for over ten years and was the co-founder of the ISOC Canadian Chapter and a past  board member on the International board of ISOC for three years. This experience is a wealth of knowledge and experience to weather the challenges of a ISOC board member 

As a member in good standing with of IEEE he has worked on the IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge, IEEE Smart Villages, IEEE Humanitarian Initiatives Committee and the Toronto Section Chair for the SIGHT committee to promote humanitarian solutions using technology. 

Since  2009, he has had various positions with ICANN's  NARALO, the North American AT-Large organization  including Chair, Secretariat, ALAC and Nomcom.  Over these fourteen years he has active advocate to fellowships for First Nations and active engagement at ICANN for people with disabilities.  During these years a strong advocate for the voice of the end users at ICANN. 


As a proven team member he has worked together for five years in the delivery of the North American School of Internet Governance and during the devastating Covid 19 pandemic he co launched the Virtual School of Internet Governance which has seen over 1000 attendees in English, Spanish and French.