Elizabeth Olouch


Image of Elizabeth Olouch NASIg 2024 Faculty

Elizabeth has extensive experience developing and driving strategies to promote a global interoperable Internet in intergovernmental fora. As the Government and IGO Engagement Director (UN/ITU) at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), she leads engagement with permanent delegations to the United Nations and ITU Member States.


Elizabeth joined ICANN in August 2022 after more than a decade at the Internet Society, where she served in various capacities in the Public Policy team, including leading the organization’s engagement at the UN and ITU, as well as liaising with Technical/Operational communities and Civil Society organizations on Internet-related matters. She also oversaw the IETF Policymakers Program, an interactive training program that brought governments to an IETF meeting to strengthen their knowledge of the Internet’s operations and the IETF standards development process.


Elizabeth holds a Master’s degree in public policy from American University in Washington DC. She has lived in Eastern and Southern Africa as well as in Europe. Her passion is military and naval history.