Cristina Arrieta


image of Cristina Arrieta NASIG Staff image

Cristina M. Arrieta González has forged a distinctive career in human development and applied ethics. Since 2014, she has served as Director of Operations at the Instituto para el Desarrollo Humano, Inc. in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At the same time, she holds the role of Director of Programs at the Fundación Movimiento Ético. Her work focuses on designing, implementing, and supervising training programs on ethics and values.

With a Master of Business Administration in Leadership and Ethical Management obtained in 2020, Arrieta demonstrates an unwavering commitment to continuous training. This commitment is reflected in its most recent certifications: the Virtual School of Internet Governance Certification in 2023 and the North American School of Internet Governance Certification in 2022.

Currently, Arrieta is immersed in emerging technologies, continuing her professional development and adapting to new trends in the field.

Arrieta has cultivated key competencies in ethical leadership, program development and implementation, training and education, and social responsibility throughout his career. She is the creator of high-impact workshops, such as "Applied Ethics: Basic LevelIDH"©  and “Decision Making in a State of Emergency." In addition, she has excelled in customer service, always with satisfaction as a path to loyalty.

Among his most outstanding achievements are the design of the Applied Ethics Program at the Basic LevelIDH© and the creating of online educational platforms in the field of Applied Ethics.